Win the War for Talent with Automation

Human Resources (HR) automation is not a new concept. Yet the HR department still relies heavily on labor-intensive processes, which are costly and inefficient and often result in high error rates. To make the department more human, companies are embracing robotic process automation (RPA), which lets robots perform administrative tasks such as employee onboarding, talent acquisition, and performance management. RPA in HR can handle all repetitive tasks and interact with existing internal applications and systems at a user level.

Benefits of Process Optimization

Resume Screening

RPA bots screen resumes and compares the employee information with job requisitions to shortlist the best candidates and send notifications for interviews, feedback, or rejections.

Offer Letters

RPA bots can create customized and accurate offer letters as they can cross-check from various rules and regulations saved in disparate systems inside and outside of the company.

New Hire Onboarding

RPA bots assist humans by performing mundane tasks like creating a new user account, email address, etc. Once the account is created, a predefined onboarding workflow can automate most of the work.

Training and Induction

RPA significantly improves training effectiveness by interacting with existing eLearning portals and sending automatic notifications for completing certifications.

Automate processes and enhance the value

RPA bots can assist in regular reporting needs for predictive and prescriptive HR analysis. They can also automatically screen internal and external company reviews and surveys.

Time/Attendance Tracking

RPA bots can validate records by cross-checking attendance and time with data between absentee reports and the time logged in the company network. The bots can flag any inconsistency or missing info

Exit Management

RPA bots ensure an organized off-boarding process by automating some tasks, including generating exit documents, sending exit surveys, revoking system access, processing final payments, collecting the company’s assets, etc.

Monthly Payroll

RPA bots come in handy to automatically track and produce accurate benefits (awards/reimbursements), invoice reconciliation reports, and update the procurement system with transfers, new hires, and terminations.

With Nuummite Hiring you can

Benefits of RPA in

Human Resources


Onboarding Efficiency

Lowers cost and speeds up the entire onboarding process.


Talent Streamlining

Streamlines talent acquisition and improves employee experience.


Error Reduction

Eliminates the margin of costly errors while improving productivity.


Boost Efficiency

Frees up valuable time to let companies invest more resources in prosperity initiatives.


Data Integration

Bridges several incompatible applications and platforms for smooth data transfer.s.


Compliance Enhancement

Improves compliance by checking various regulations.

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Reshaping HR Departments Using RPA

Robotic Process Automation bots are capable of mimicking human actions, such as logging into the system, copy-pasting data, moving files and folders, etc.

Watch the video to see the RPA bot in action

Let Nuummite Consulting Help

Nuummite Consulting is leading RPA implementation partner in the Middle East that can help businesses overcome the top three HR challenges:


  • Employee file management
  • Employee onboarding and separation
  • Recruiting, selection and reporting


We work closely with our clients to optimize the existing process to effectively implement and deliver RPA projects that decrease manual errors, increase productivity, and ensure higher customer satisfaction.