4 Benefits To Using Google Analytics

29 May, 2018 | Blogs

Many businesses are heavily investing in online activities and advertising, to drive traffic to their website, but still, fail to determine which channels are successful and which aren’t. A business’ online activities could vary between SEO, email marketing, social media, and many others. This means that a lot of effort and time is being distributed between all these activities, and so, determining which of them is effective for your business, and which isn’t, is needed to achieve better results. Google Analytics can provide all the information needed, to show a business the number of unique visitors to their website, as well as how they are reaching the website. The information provided includes the number of visitors, how they arrived at your website, what they are viewing, and how long they are spending on your website.

Key difference between Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360

Here are 4 benefits to using Google Analytics:

Unique visitors and source of traffic

Google Analytics will provide you with exactly how many people are visiting your website. This doesn’t just end there, data provided also shows you how much time (on average) visitors are spending on your website, and where they are coming from. Knowing where they are coming from and what is attracting visitors could eventually lead to sales.

Bounce rate and exit pages

A bounce rate shows you how many of your visitors are leaving the first page they visit without taking any action. A bounce rate could mean that those visitors are not finding what they are looking for, indicating that those web pages need editing and optimization for better results.

Exit rates differ from bounce rates as they indicate the exited page for visitors who have viewed multiple pages on your website. For example, the “Thank you for your payment” page is commonly the most exited page for an e-commerce website. Pages that shouldn’t have high exit rates, but do, could indicate a problem with that web page that requires immediate attention.

Identifies traffic-pulling keywords

Your marketing team probably identified a bunch of keywords for your SEO strategy, to drive traffic to your website. Over time, your website began to rank well, or at least better than before. Even though this might seem to be working well for you, Google Analytics can help you identify which keywords are performing well, and which aren’t. This is used to modify the content on your website for even better results, as well as knowing which keywords to use for your ad campaigns.

Identifying popular pages and sections

Some web pages on your websites, or even sections, could be driving in more traffic, or engaging with visitors in ways that other pages are not. This could give you an idea on what type of content, wording, or event arrangement is working for you.

In short, Google Analytics can help you identify your target audience, generate sales, improve bounce and exit rates, improve your SEO strategy, and identify profitable pages/sections. To help you achieve better results and grow your business, we have partnered with E-Nor, leaders in online and mobile analytics

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