Automaker Saves $18M per Year with RPA

21 Oct, 2018 | Blogs

One of Automation Anywhere’s most successful RPA customers is a Top 3 automaker that produces millions of cars annually. This global manufacturer is one of the world’s largest companies with vast, complex, capital-and labor-intensive operations, particularly in finance, procurement, logistics, and more. The automaker’s vision was to automate multiple processes and deliver end-to-end business transformation to shorten cash cycle times, free up operating cash flow, and reduce errors from manual processing. Additionally, this OEM desired to centralize, standardize, digitize and automate transactional work to radically improve quality and efficiency.


This leading automotive manufacturer selected Automation Anywhere RPA to successfully automate 50 processes across finance, accounting, direct and indirect procurement, and supply chain functions over a two year period. In the first year, the Top 3 automaker designed and deployed 43 bots across high-value, high-complexity functions and saved $18M in its first year. In the current year, the global automotive leader plans to scale exponentially and targets 480,000 hours saved annually, representing $36M in annual cost savings.


The Top 3 Automaker implemented Automation Anywhere’s Enterprise RPA platform with cognitive IQ Bots to assist with invoice processing. Since its introduction, the cognitive RPA is on track to surpass the company’s traditional systems and reduce invoice posting error rates by 200%. The global automaker’s largest automation achievement has been its Custom Classification. A single IQ Bot, supporting their supplier recovery, has saved the company 800 hours of manual effort while generating $1.1M in supplier recoveries per month. With this cognitive bot, the IT Automation Team now performs incremental audits and posts additional recoveries.

Within Custom Classification, three bots have been able to save 20,000 hours of manual effort. The code from the first bot was used to develop the second and third bot simplifying and speeding up the deployment process. Based on the runaway success of the first three cognitive bots, the global automaker’s IT Automation Team is planning to expand their automation scope exponentially to higher value and more complex tasks.


The speedy, scalable, and high ROI results gave the Top 3 automaker enormous confidence to rapidly grow its RPA and IT Automation teams. To expand its bot development team, the global automaker quickly developed and implemented a global training program for Automation Anywhere bot developers. In addition, the global automaker created RPA governance policies and procedures to manage rapid bot development and deployment.

It is important to highlight that this automotive OEM was able to rapidly design and deploy bots and harvest millions of dollars within its first three to six months of using Automation Anywhere RPA. The global automaker deployed one bot in the first 3 months. Within six months, this OEM designed and deployed three bots and began to save 5,000 manual hours or $250K per month.

Looking Ahead

In the next 12 months, the Top 3 automaker believes it will harvest 1.2M hours annually, representing $60M in annual savings. In fact, this automaker is currently designing and testing Automation Anywhere bots in processes far beyond its original finance, procurement, and supply chain focus areas and is evaluating the benefits of RPA analytics.

The automotive OEM intends to automate 2.4M manual hours annually, representing $120M in annual cost savings. Due to Automation Anywhere’s industry-leading scalability, ease of use, and speed to deployment, the Top 3 automaker is planning to scale 480x from its original deployment.

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