Automating Reconciliations and Journal

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    [Automating Reconciliations and Journal Entries] Finance and accounting departments are always under pressure to minimize risks while driving sustainable growth. But with routine work taking most of your team’s time, this can be easier said than done. That is why, more and more organizations are turning towards automation to improve productivity, reduce costs and streamline compliance.

    In this webinar, we discussed how RPA can help you automate rule-based repetitive tasks so that your team can focus on more strategic projects. We showed how RPA can help:

    • Automate pre- and post- payment validation and reconciliation
    • Notify staff about exceptions
    • Monitor and identify potential duplicate payments
    • Save time and improve the bottom line

    In this focused webinar, we showed some use cases of automation in reconciliations and data entry. As more and more finance leaders turn towards robotic process automation to stay competitive,  here’s the webinar recording that you should definitely watch.