Digital Transformation: Top 6 Benefits

16 Jun, 2018 | Blogs

Transforming your business involves digitizing all your business workflows including the online customer channels and the inner processes of your business. But what are the benefits of such a transformation? And is digital transformation necessary? Some of those benefits include staff productivity improvement, fewer performance inconsistencies, error-free functioning facilitation, paperwork cut down and reduction of the actions needed to finish a task. The following are the key benefits of metamorphosing your business via digital transformation:

Better Inventory management

Digitizing a business’s inventory management will allow managers and employees to track anything stored in warehouses easily as well as display up to date item information like product availability for customers in your online store. Inventory system can also help control stock and make sure that when a product sells, it reflects almost instantly. Furthermore, the digital system should forecast stock that a business will likely need to order in the coming month or even in the festive season.

Streamlines contract management

By digitizing the contracts overview and approval procedures, a business will end up with a smooth contract management process. It becomes easier for it to control the retrieving, approval and reviewing process. Employees will also benefit from the digitization of contract management since they will be required to handle less administrative work and only focus on those tasks needing their expertise. One can opt to digitize only the contract management processes of the business but the best way to transform a business digitally would be to digitize all the business processes and not only parts of it. Currently, many digital business applications come with the contract management functionality that you can configure to suit a business’s needs. The superuser of the system can configure the access levels of all the other employees involved with the approval of the contracts. Besides, a business can configure different checkout for bulk purchases and product lists.

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Sales activities and customer interaction improvement

The sales and customer service workflow digitization enables your business and employees to get an immediate and holistic view of the customer. All teams coordinate in a better way; capture every interaction and integrate all customer data in one place. A customer relationship management (CRM) system digitizes sales activities and customer service to improve the business sales. Some of the common benefits of integrating CRM system in your business including but not limited to leads flow tracking and facilitation of sales. According to numerous online reviews regarding the use of a digital system to improve sales and customer interaction, the marketing campaigns return on investment usually shoots within three months after digital transformation.

Digital transformation improves billing and accounting

Having your billing and accounting operations transformed digitally will enable a business to proficiently manage and effortlessly carry out transactions and accounting tasks. By using digitization, a business will able to do some processing operations like monitoring accounting reps and sales in an easy and a painless way. In addition, a business can track expenses and bills as well as do customer invoicing.

Help refine personalization strategies

Digital transformation can help a business know more about its clients, allowing more effective marketing campaigns. Modern digital business systems enable businesses to record their customers’ typical behaviors and habits. From there, one can easily come up with personalization strategies, which would be almost impossible to develop if there is no digital customer data. By digitizing an entire workflow, businesses will significantly improve the way they approach a customer and hence the retention rate of such customers.

Better tracking and analytics

Once a business successfully introduces digital technology, they start enjoying meaningful analytics within a very short time. Based on the data aggregated using the digitally powered business platform, managers can analyze and build graphs or charts, as they deem crucial depending on the situation. The data can be about lost sales, sales team’s’ activities, and revenues, just to mention a few. Reliable analytics enables managers to identify the underperforming areas, business performance, and areas in need of emergency interventions.

Using digital transformation to improve a business cuts away many redundant steps previously needed to perform a certain task. With digital transformation, businesses can significantly reduce expenses, increase business sales, improve efficiency, and reduce the workload of employees so that they can concentrate on other critical elements of the business.

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