Importance Of An IT DRP For Your Business

23 May, 2018 | Blogs

Importance Of An IT DRP For Your Business

IT is used to effectively process information and run day-to-day operations, so what happens when your system is compromised? When an unexpected event brings your operations to a halt, your company should focus on recovering, getting back up and running.

Whether disasters are man-made or natural, your organization must have a recovery plan in place. The repercussions of not having an IT DRP (disaster recovery plan) could include, but is not limited to, damage to the brand’s reputation, high financial costs, or even harming your organization’s clients.

So, what is an IT DRP?

An IT DRP is a set of procedures aimed to protect and recover a business’s IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. A process that is set as a response to a network/IT shutdown caused by physical damage to the equipment or connecting network.

Here are three reasons why you should have an IT disaster recovery plan in place.


We all use consumer electronics and know one thing to be true; no matter what device we are using, something can always go wrong, from systems crashing to data corruption. Your servers are no exception! Your organization stores a lot of data that ranges from internal employee information to client data, and these are the type of information that are essential for everyday operations and that an organization can’t afford to lose.

Natural Disasters

Recent natural disasters such as hurricanes are a perfect example of what might be a cause for many businesses to suffer. Businesses that are affected by earthquakes, floods, fires or any other form of natural disasters might find it completely impossible to continue operating if they didn’t have any IT DRP set and ready.

Hackers ransoming your data

Over the past couple of years, we have heard about stolen data and many flawed security systems. Market leaders and well-known companies like LinkedIn and Google are not the only targets. The widespread ransomware attacks that affected many companies around Asia and Europe earlier this year is proof of that. Such attacks are a real threat and many organizations ignore them, under the pretext “this will never happen to us”.

Data backups and a DRP is what an organization needs to protect itself and its customers every second of every day in the event of a system crash, natural disaster, or a hacking/sabotage attempt.

Working with an experienced IT consultant, when preparing a disaster recovery plan, might prove best for your business. Nuummite Consulting’s experts are readily available to assist businesses in the MENA region that are looking to protect themselves from unexpected events. Our experts will review your current IT processes, test for security gaps, evaluate IT/business alignment, develop and implement your new IT DRP.

The benefits of having a DRP is quite clear. In case of an unexpected disaster/damage happening, your business will be able to reduce all kinds of risk including downtime, financial cost, and data loss.

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So, do you already have a disaster recovery plan set? Is your data protected? Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your business’s IT DRP.