Improve media spend ROI by over 30%

With Nuummite Consulting

Consumer Behavior towards online and offline media has changed significantly over the past decade. Our client understood the necessity of growing beyond their offline mediums, to remain one of the top 3 media broadcasting companies in the region.

The customer decided to partner with Nuummite Consulting in an effort to grow their online platform, by growing consumer traffic and improve the visibility of various shows.

Transformational Approach

  1. Mapping all online platform customer paths
  2. Identifying all measurable attributes and key behavior performance indicators
  3. Design and implementation of a state of the art analytics and measurement platform
  4. Instrumenting measurement elements in every aspect of the platform
  5. Integrating the platform with online media spend channels

Remarkable Results

35% increase in media spend ROI

Over 100% increase in consumer traffice

Improved visibility of various shows and increased viewership

Development of a management and leadership dashboards to track key performance indicators

Creation of a 360 view of the customer