Improve profits by 20%

With Nuummite Consulting

A top ten regional insurance provider was looking to grow and scale up operation and efficiencies in order to achieve at least a top-five position in the market. However, the company was facing increased competition and regulations.  Competitive pricing placed further pressures on operational spend and required a significant focus on capital and liquidity.  Further, due to legacy systems, their cost structures were higher than the competition.  As a result, they were losing market share and facing changes in customer behavior who were demanding more reliance on IT.

The company executives sought Nuummite Consulting to help with scaling up the IT infrastructure, restructure certain business functions, and establish a complete project management framework in order to achieve their goals.

Transformational Approach

  1. Conducting Executive level workshops resulting in vision and strategic goals the were detailed into actionable items.
  2. Developing a Five-year business plan with detailed operational initiatives
  3. Performing a Full IT Audit and Roadmap to digitize the processes and increase efficiency
  4. Developing Process documentation and optimization
  5. Forming Five year KPI’s and targets to work towards becoming a top five insurance provider
  6. Project Management for the implementation approach and follow up.

Remarkable Results

20% increase in profitability

Developed focused and unified objectives across the whole organization

Implemented a detailed change management plan

Drove the change across every function in the company

Provided leadership team with a project progress dashboard