Improve ROI by 50%

With Nuummite Consulting

With the changing consumer shopping behaviors, a regional Big Box Retailer was facing market challenges and losing sales. Hence, the retailer was losing their client base and potential business. The retailer was looking to change their business model to improve sales and profitability. Hence, they wanted to enable a drop ship retail model and to enhance online media spend with a call to action capability.

Nuummite Consulting assisted the retailer in consulting services to manage their business processes, their e-commerce platform and to reach their desired goals by taking an overview on the company operations, analyzing them and coming up with a bespoke approach for enhancing sales and increasing profitability.

Transformational Approach

  1. Mapping all current business processes from procurement to customer fulfilment to streamline the business and achieve optimization.
  2. Designing and implementing an online e-commerce platform in the most efficient and suitable manner to enhance sales and profitability.
  3. Building strategic relationships with key suppliers to enable drop ship models
  4. Creating a new marketing and go to market strategy that will ensure the implementation and utilization of the new e-commerce platform and drop shop model
  5. Managing launch of channel and oversight of ongoing commercial activities to ensure sound implementation and goal achievement

Remarkable Results

20% increase in top line

35% increase in sellable SKU’s

50% improvement in ROI on marketing spend