Increase production by over 20%

With Nuummite Consulting

A Leading Regional Food Manufacturer was seeking to enhance their production process and quality control. The customer had previously invested in a large manufacturing facility which required an increase in workforce, as business nature required many manual steps.

As a result, performance variation within the workforce created many quality issues and resulted in a significant increase in production waste.

Company’s executives sought Nuummite Consulting’s help to achieve the desired results, by growing and enhancing their production process, while reducing production waste and quality issues.

Transformational Approach

  1. Analyzed production processes as a step towards mapping each process into phases and stations
  2. Implemented data collection points across every aspect of the production process
  3. Integrated all data into an analytics model
  4. Created a management dashboard that provided production KPI’s on a real-time basis
  5. Provided alerts and triggers for any production variation

Remarkable Results

80% reduction in production waste

20% improvement in productivity

90% reduction in quality issues