Webinar: RPA in Accounting and Finance

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    [RPA in Accounting and Finance] The finance and accounting department is plagued with labour-intensive process that is repetitive and time sensitive. And one of the biggest challenges for the teams is to perform these tasks with 100% accuracy as a minor mistake can lead to major losses. Robotic process automation (RPA) has become a leading solution for finance departments to ensure manual, redundant tasks are performed quickly, efficiently, and without errors. According to EY, robotics in finance can save up to 60-80% time spent on data input/output, reconciliations, reporting and dashboards and data quality management. That’s why more and more CFOs and finance heads are implementing RPA and deploying it to realize its tangible benefits.

    In our latest webinar, RPA in accounting and finance, we discussed how RPA is significantly improving the speed and continuity of operations while eliminating errors. We also share some use cases and demo videos to explain how RPA can help:

    • Streamline accounting
    • Automate reconciliations
    • Reduce data entry costs by up to 70%
    • Ensure higher compliance

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