RPA In Insurance: Webinar Replay Inside

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    [Transforming the Insurance Industry with RPA] The 2019 Insurance CEO Survey by PwC reveals that 70% of global insurance CEOs want operational efficiencies to propel growth. But a lack of system integration has crippled this, with the customer’s claims processing journey taking the biggest hit. More and more CEOs are waking up to this reality and are looking at ways to improve operational efficiency to drive growth.

    Many insurance companies are adopting RPA as a solution to access data across disparate systems and automate manual tasks to focus on:

    • Expediting claim handling processes
    • Enhancing fraud detection and risk assessment
    • Saving operating costs and boosting ROI
    • Improving overall customer experience

    In this webinar, experts from Nuummite Consulting and UiPath discussed how RPA is redefining the insurance industry and solving the industry’s legacy constraints without impacting the bottom line.

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