Winners And Losers Of Saudi Women Driving – Through The Eyes Of The People

04 May, 2018 | Blogs

On the 26th of September, King Salman of Saudi Arabia issued a royal decree allowing the women in the Kingdom to drive by June 2018. So, what happened on social media once the royal decree was issued?

Unique Posts Volume

Users generally showed positive sentiments with emotions of joy dominating their posts.

Posts’ Sentiment

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On the other hand, the economic benefits of the decree were apparent to many users who were quick to express their joy on this matter on Twitter. With most (companies and people alike) mentioning how, this step will help the Saudi economy, as well as aid in achieving better foreign relations; therefore, bringing in foreign businesses. The automotive industry is a clear winner, as many families will now be inclined to purchase new cars, while others pointed out that ride-hailing services will clearly be negatively affected by this new decree.

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