Transform double digit losses to contributing profits

With Nuummite Consulting

A global mobile device manufacturer was facing regional market challenges, starting with a falling market share, increased competitions and higher operational costs.  As a result, the regional business was losing sales and generating significant losses. The company was looking to overcome these challenges by transforming their regional business structure to keep up with the market changes and to overcome competition.

Nuummite Consulting helped the client with transforming the region’s structure and achieving their goals by transforming the regional business from a direct sales network to a hub and spoke approach, giving them a unique edge and enabling them to improve sales, profit and market share.

Transformational Approach

Working together with Proudfoot, the team:

  1. Transforming the company from a direct sales network to a hub and spoke approach
  2. Building a new distribution network relying on regional distributors
  3. Building strategic relationships with key channels to increase market share
  4. Creating a product-focused go to market approach to enhance sales
  5. Establishing new channel management tools monitoring targets and stock in channel levels
  6. Establishing a new focus on channel and BTL marketing

Remarkable Results

15% increase in productivity

80% reduction in headcount

Transforming bottom line from double-digit losses to contributing profits

Improved network distribution and market presence