Transform your business model successfully

With Nuummite Consulting

A top ten VAS provider in the KSA realized the need to keep up with the changing market dynamics and trends to keep growing and increase profitability. As VAS services were losing traction and new models were coming up in the market, the provider realized that continuing with VAS would not be sustainable on the long run and that they needed to explore other options to grow and remain profitable. Hence, the client decided to venture into a new business and enter new channels, but they were not sure what was the best option for their market, capabilities, and knowledge.

To leverage on the changing customer behaviors, the client sought Nuummite Consulting to assist them in brainstorming what business to venture into and what new channels to tap. Nuummite studied the client’s business and the market and came up with a holistic approach to developing the strategy for the way forward.

Transformational Approach

  1. Nuummite Consulting conducted Executive level workshops with the client to assess their core strengths and sustainable value, which will be used to develop new business options
  2. Resulting from the workshop, strategic options were outlined, and a review and selection of a new direction was done. The strategic options were scored against a set criteria and prioritized according to the market, and the business capabilities.
  3. Nuummite Consulting was involved in Board level participation and guided the client in making strategic decisions to implement the new direction and drive growth
  4. Developing a Marketing Strategy and Plan for the new direction and business to make sure that the implementation leads to success and profitability.
  5. Clearly segmented the businesses into a short-term Cash Generator and a long-term Value Creator. Identified clear actions for each segment.

Remarkable Results

Creation of a new brand reflecting new business activity, which resulted in increases business

Transformed organizational structure and creation of new roles and resources

Engagement of new client base and launch of new products