Webinar Recording: Reshaping HR Departments Using RPA

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    [Webinar: Reshaping HR Departments Using RPA] High performing Human Resources departments are embracing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to handle all mundane, repetitive tasks to win the war on talent. RPA is creating a more human-centric HR department by allowing HR professionals to focus on more quality tasks that enhance business performance. RPA can potentially enhance the HR departments by supporting time-consuming transactional tasks like payroll and compensation, leave management, timesheet management, etc. Unlike traditional HR tools that only help in managing data on disparate systems, RPA interacts with all the existing systems to create a virtual workforce that can:

    • Increase job satisfaction by reducing repetitive tasks
    • Create a better employee experience to recruit and retain talent
    • Add more time in the day to focus on learning and development

    In our latest webinar, we discussed how RPA can help you automate payroll processing, transform employee onboarding experience and streamline the entire recruitment process so that you can reclaim up to 40% of your time.