Automate Common, Low-value Tasks to Streamline Operations

Embrace robotic process automation (RPA) in supply chain management to build a resilient supply chain process and infrastructure without making a major IT investment. RPA allows complete process automation and integration to better handle logistics, lower costs and increase operational efficiency.

Use Cases of RPA in Supply Chain

There are several use cases of RPA in supply chain management. Here are the eight most common processes that can be automated with a bot:

Inventory Management

Better manage inventory for ensuring optimal volumes while tracking data as it moves from receiving, shelves to production and shipping.


Supply and Demand Planning

Develop accurate forecast by allowing software bots to prepare data and identify trends in customer purchasing activity.

Purchase Order Management

Use automated criteria like quantity, frequency of purchase, pricing to run purchase orders.

Freight Management

RPA brings efficiency into freight management tasks and improves different aspects of freight management, like route optimization and freight accounting.

Returns/Refunds Processing

RPA improves resolution time as well as decreases human intervention and the chances of errors while processing refunds and returns.

Invoice Management

RPA in supply chain helps process invoice documents and expedites tasks like extracting information from documents and validating and verifying it.

Price Lookup/Comparison

RPA bots regularly search for change in pricing data of specified material to make pricing comparison easy and effective.

ERP Integration

Allow bots to hand data entry and migration, including entering invoice data, validating and monitoring it.


With Nuummite Supply Chain, you can.

Benefits of RPA in

Supply Chain


Automation Benefits

Eliminates manual inputs of purchase orders and other administrative tasks.


Real-time Analytics

Reduces human errors, provides real-time visibility, and duplication in process.


Rapid Responses

Quickly responds to request for proposals, questions, and quotes.


ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrates with ERP and other supply chain systems.


ROI Growth

Increases ROI and ensures swifter onboarding of suppliers/partners.


Data Analysis

Analyzes data to identify supply chain optimization opportunities.

Watch the


RPA Applications in Supply Chain

Companies invest millions of dollars in setting up their supply chain processes and infrastructure, but still struggle to maximize its efficiency. That is why automation frontrunners in the logistics and supply chain management are investing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enhance their process and reduce costs without investing heavily in IT or hiring more people. In this webinar, we discussed some applications of RPA in supply chain and multiple benefits, including increasing order quantity and fulfillment accuracy as well as reduction in shipping delays.

Let Nuummite Consulting Help

Nuummite Consulting is leading RPA implementation partner in the Middle East that can help businesses overcome top three supply chain automation challenges:


  • Automate unstructured data
  • Let customer-facing functions efficiently handle automation
  • Automate processes with attended, unattended or hybrid bots.


We work closely with our clients to identify, implement, and deliver on RPA projects that decrease manual errors, increase productivity, and ensure higher compliance.