Improve Supplier and Vendor Relationships with Automation

As a back-office function, procurement is laden with mundane tasks such as dealing with vendors, ordering and receiving products/services, as well as handling and approving requests from business stakeholders. Manually handling these tasks leads to errors and significantly slows down the entire process. In contrast, RPA in procurement can improve business results, makes process resilient, enhances efficiency, and save cost.

Use Cases of RPA in Procurement

Request to Purchase Order

Automate and streamline processing of procurement requests and raising purchase orders to avoid delays and reduce manual errors.

Work Order Management

Increase revenue and never miss a ticket again. Let bots keep track of customer requests by sending notifications of work orders to staff.

Inventory Management

RPA bots carefully monitor inventory levels and notify employees when the levels are low or send real-time reports for assessing and forecasting current and future needs.

Demand and Supply Planning

Break the silos between various departments to create a centralized team that manages procurement, shipping, inventory, and warehousing.

Invoice Processing

RPA bots can manage end-to-end invoice processing – right from receiving an invoice to entering the records in the accounting system.

Vendor Selection

Automate the vendor selection process by allowing the bots to prepare template requests and make informed decisions based on the credit value of the vendor and other pre-defined factors.

Email Automation

Create an optimized supply chain by allowing the bots to send reminder emails and other notifications to suppliers and vendors in case of delayed shipment or to know the order’s status.

Partner Onboarding

Let RPA bots effortlessly handle partner onboarding with an automated approval workflow. Let the bots process forms and contracts in various formats and verify the information against the predefined requirements.

With Nuummite Procurement, you can.

Benefits of RPA in



Time Savings

Saves time by reducing manual intervention.


Cost Efficiency

Lowers cost and creates an efficient supply chain.


Strategic Focus

Allows team to focus on strategic initiatives and be more productive.


Error Elimination

Eliminates manual errors for accurate forecasting and reporting.


Audit Trail

Creates a strong audit trail for compliance and future references.



Creates transparency and harmonizes information and procedures.

Watch the

Bot In Action

Watch The Bot In Action

RPA Implementation in Procurement

Let Nuummite Consulting Help

Nuummite Consulting is leading RPA implementation partner in the Middle East that can help businesses overcome the top three procurement challenges:


  • Purchase request and purchase orders
  • Invoice processing
  • Managing inventory


We work closely with our clients to optimize existing processes and effectively implement as well as deliver RPA projects that decrease manual errors, increase productivity, and ensure higher customer satisfaction.