Rethink existing processes to improve productivity, quality, and cycle times.

What is Business

Process Optimization?

Business Process Optimization is a methodology that includes the transformation of core business processes to achieve maximum improvements in quality and productivity as well as deliver value to the customer. When combined with automation, it can effectively reduce cost and cycle times. RPA-enabled optimization improves decision-making and data dissemination while making the process more efficient and less error-prone.

How Does Business Process

Optimization Works?

Business Process Optimization usually involves four main steps:

  • Realign company values with client needs.
  • Redesign core processes for improvements by usually deploying technology.
  • Reorganize the business to include end-to-end responsibilities for a process.
  • Resolve basic organizational issues and scale across the organization.

Elements of Business Process Reengineering


  • Business procedure simplification
  • Business process standardization
  • Create effective workflows

Technology-related Elements

  • Information technology
  • Business technology
  • Project management technology

Organization-related Elements

  • Organization structure and role assignment
  • Regulation and culture
  • Incentivize and training

Benefits of Process Optimization

Companies use process optimization to

Minimize lead time

Improve quality and customer support

Improve the management and corporate strategy

Improve productivity and optimize performance

Automate processes and enhance the value

With Nuummite Consulting you can

Why Business

Process Optimization?


Defining the Purpose

Have a clearly documented processes from end-to-end and understand the ‘as-is’ scenario to automate the right things while avoiding costly mistakes


Boost Efficiency

By eliminating operational redundancy and redesigning processes, you can boost the overall efficiency and better communication between cross functional teams


Maximized ROI

Take all the advantages of the above points to maximize the ROI of BPR and automation investment


Simplify and Streamline Operations

The end goal of any BPR project is to streamline and simplify operations. It removes superfluous processes, streamlining all efforts towards organizational objectives.


Higher Resilience

Make your business more resilient to changing business landscape by fosterrelationship with your clients through streamlined, digitized processes

Our Approach

We provide a centralized and collaborative approach to completely understand the process for uncovering information that may have been overlooked before. Merging these insights with technology and using process improvement methodology, we provide a holistic current-state picture of your business processes before optimizing them.

We use robotic process automation to automate manual activities and time-consuming tasks, reduce cycle time and capture data in real-time accurately and more efficiently. Our three-pronged approach includes:

Process-related Elements
  • Process mapping and documentation (as-is state)
  • Formulate desktop processes
  • Map requirements: dashboards, financial reports, and KPI’s
Analyze & Benchmark
  • Deploy process improvement methodology to define processes and fix issues
  • Benchmark current processes against best-in-class standards
Recommendations & Digitization Opportunities
  • Analyze and identify opportunities for automation and digitization
  • Re-engineered processes based on the feedback and recommendations Establish
  • Standard Operating Procedures and final DTP’s

How Does Business Process

Nuummite Consulting Process Optimization Strategy is a part of our Management Consulting services that helps create scalable and smart solutions to get maximum value. Our solutions are based on a proper understanding of your process, infrastructure, and network frameworks as well as your long-term goals.