Rethink existing processes to improve productivity, quality, and cycle times.

In conjunction with the revolutionary digital automation that stormed out all the trendy industries, RPA can be the interpreter of the marketing vision of sales. Owing to the mechanism of RPA which can carry the burden of the data-driven routine functions, sales departments will manage to get focused fully to increase sales and customer satisfaction. To explain more, let’s raise a question:

How to increase sales with RPA?

By atomizing the functional process of making sales and simplifying the role of mundane, exceeding the target efficiently in no time is to become an attainable mission.

● Competitors and market strategic analysis
Creating a strategy for promoting a product or plan for a campaign requires identifying it according to the standards of the market. RPA helps salesmen to fill the gaps and develop marketing processes to increase sales, plan activities, and adapt to the competitive marketplace.

Using automated bots, analyzing the marketing features of competitors, sorting them out using filters and extracting crucial notes is much more flexible. In addition, the bots can monitor the target audience’s behaviors, then record their feedback and interactions with the campaign. For example, comparing the prices of the competitors and changing them is one of the tasks that can be submitted automatically thanks to RPA tools.

● Deciding on the qualified lead
Choosing the ideal customer is no less important than choosing the best marketing strategy to increase sales. The more customer cases are suitable for the standards, the stronger the chance to increase sales. RPA tools are customized to collect data from various sources, like social media platforms, email newsletters, demos, etc.

Capturing this information easily by automation tools enables sales teams to form a vision about whether the customer is meeting the qualifications needed or not which is called “ lead scoring”. Through screen scraping that RPA bots use, the customized proposals are prepared for upgrading the customers into the lead stage efficiently to increase sales.

● Order tracking
After the phase of gaining leads, it’s time to ship the orders, get the revenue, and increase sales. The process of completing the order requires several tasks which consume a lot of time and effort. RPA tools handle these tasks and guarantee a flexible and fast process for salesmen and customers both.

From inventory CRM and checking the accessibility of the order, handling delivery schedule, the capacity of paying, issuing the invoices in which all the details of payment like customers personal data, payment method, delivery method are recorded, And finally inserting all the data related to the sales process into the company system.

● Post-campaign follow up
Now, the full process of selling a product and getting the revenue for it is done, and it’s time to track the customers’ feedback and get ready to dissolve the expected sudden troubles that may run into the user experience. So, RPA bots intelligence is a helpful technique for the sake of capturing all the required data to follow up and make use of customers’ feedback to suggest suitable solutions for their compliments.