Rethink existing processes to improve productivity, quality, and cycle times.

Robotic process automation (RPA) has become a game-changer for the hospitality industry. It not only helps hotels automate time-consuming manual processes but also enhances the customer experience. This is what a leading global hotel chain was also looking for when they first turned to automation. As the provider of unbeatable hospitality experience, they wanted to implement automation to reduce cost and manual intervention in matching credit card statements with the sales report in its system at the point of sale.

The credit card process wasn’t simple. It required manual intervention that was extremely time-consuming and prone to human errors since it was done on a spreadsheet. This also hampered the productivity of the staff as they were doing most of the leg work rather than focusing on customer experience and other aspects that accelerate business growth. The hotel realized that the key to remaining competitive in the digital world was embracing RPA for its credit card reconciliation process.

Our practical approach helped the client not only eliminate repetitive work and identify potential training requirements or risk management threats but also save time, reduce errors and enhance processes by consistently executing daily processes. As the business grows and credit card adoption increases, the bots ensured that there are no added operational costs to handle this activity.

RPA benefits for the hotel shows how digital transformation is positively disrupting the hospitality industry due to its potential to meet the rising demands of tech-savvy guests, boost productivity, while considerably reducing operating costs and disrupting legacy systems. As more and more hotels see the apparent benefits of implementing such technology as part of their cost-cutting strategy, RPA will take the center stage in the coming years.

Transformational Approach

Nuummite Consulting assisted the hotel in the credit card reconciliation process through its three-part framework that includes proof of concept, a pilot and the roll-out of the robots. The proof of concept included the creation of an attended bot that generated a matching report and helped the hotel save time while increasing staff productivity significantly.

Remarkable Results

Once the bot was deployed, the client could identify significant threats of potential fraud by discovering trends and patterns. The attended bot performed matching activities across all entries and generated a comprehensive report that summarized daily sales, MDF, net income, individual mismatched transactions, etc. With the bot, the hotel was able to generate a matching report for 3 days with more than 1,200 transactions in just under 30 seconds!