RPA in Finance & Accounting

Digitize F&A; Operations for Higher Productivity and Lower Costs

Finance and accounting involve a high volume of transactional, repetitive, rule-based tasks that require unflagging accuracy. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in finance and accounting streamlines operations such as invoicing and reconciliations to increase operational visibility, improve compliance, optimize efficiency, and ensure data accuracy.

Use Cases of RPA in Finance and Accounting

Accounts Receivables

Automate sales quotation generation, invoice distribution, customer credit monitoring, and follow-ups to ensure no cash gaps.

Accounts Payable

Let RPA bots handle vendor invoices processing, matching vendor’s invoices with the purchasing order, managing payment, and responding to vendor inquiries.

Account Reconciliations

Streamline bank reconciliations by letting bots handle tasks like downloading bank statements, validating balance and transactions, creating journal entries, and flagging exceptions.

Vendor/Client Onboarding

Ensure compliance by allowing bots to scan contracts and purchase orders for extracting key information to compare with information in ERP systems.

Expense Processing

Ensure accurate travel and expense processing by extracting information from the submitted invoices and comparing it with internal regulations before processing them.

Tax Reporting

Let the bots automate weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting by gathering data and calculating the tax payable. The bot can even submit reports to tax authority portals.

Day-to-Day Operations

RPA bots can also format data into a specific format, update ERP systems, send reports, update the general ledger, etc.

Planning And Forecasting

Get a superior financial forecast and have an accurate action plan by leveraging historic data, variance reports, and financial statements.

With Nuummite Financing you can

Benefits of RPA in

Finance and Accounting


Scalable RPA

RPA bots can be scaled based on the fluctuating volume of data.


Swift, Low-Cost Implementation

Faster implementation and minimum infrastructure cost due to the bot’s automation capabilities


Efficiency Automation

Improves efficiency and productivity by rule-based transactional tasks.


Seamless ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrates with ERP and other supply chain systems.


Error-Free Reporting

Eliminates manual errors and creates error-free reports.


Legacy Process Bridging

Bridges the gap between processes by working with legacy systems.

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Let Nuummite Consulting Help

Nuummite Consulting is leading RPA implementation partner in the Middle East that can help businesses overcome the top three finance and accounting challenges:


  • 2-way and 3-way reconciliations
  • Accurate invoice processing by avoiding burnout
  • Accurate and timely P&L reports


We work closely with our clients to optimize the existing process to effectively implement and deliver RPA projects that decrease manual errors, increase productivity, and ensure higher customer satisfaction.