Rethink existing processes to improve productivity, quality, and cycle times.

[Enabling Successful RPA Implementation] The RPA market is estimated to grow 30.14% YoY for the next 5 years, reaching $2.5 Billion by 2022 (Research and Markets). Given its obvious advantages – cost reduction (up to 70%), faster turnaround time, 24×7 operations, and improved accuracy – many organizations are realizing the importance of planning early to make RPA deployment a part of an enterprise-wide initiative.

But deploying RPA is easier said than done. There are numerous challenges and roadblocks that can potentially derail your RPA journey, leading to unforeseen costs and extra work. To overcome these hurdles and ensure a smooth RPA deployment, we hosted an online session on 15th September to help you initiate your automation projects that are not only future-proof but also scalable.

In the hour-long session, we discussed:

  • The need to adopt RPA and common challenges
  • Where and how to begin your automation journey
  • How to assess processes/tasks for RPA
  • Customer success stories and best practices
  • Build an automation roadmap and a lot more